Winter… Next Weekend?

Well… just as usual the models are showing another winter storm. This winter just will not quit. Could this be a blizzard or a bust?


bandicam 2015-03-21 23-46-36-781bandicam 2015-03-21 23-46-47-247

  • Minor Event
  • Rain to Snow
  • Isolated accumulation
  • Light Rain/Snow


bandicam 2015-03-21 23-45-26-630 bandicam 2015-03-21 23-45-39-772

  • Blizzard
  • 12+ inches for Central Jersey and South
  • Major accumulation
  • Heavy Snow
  • No Rain

Just as usual, the models disagree. Last storm the GFS was correct and the CMC busted. What model do you pick?

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