What do indications show for the winter of 2015-2016?

     Well fall is coming guys and you know what that means. Snow is coming soon and right now it is too far out to tell what this winter will exactly be like. But with the way the Arctic is behaving and the El Niño we can get some clues. First off for the Northeast I have average temperatures but above normal snowfall. This is preliminary guys which means it will change a lot. But the systems tend to ride up the East Coast more and if you have some cold air coming from Canada then you can get some pretty powerful Nor’easters. I do not see this winter being very cold for the Northeast but I do see above normal snowfall. In addition to that there may be more ice storms than last year due to how the El Niño reacts with the U.S with warmer air in the Plains. But anyways guys do not take this seriously because I will have 2 more forecasts coming Oct. 5th and Nov. 5th and my final winter outlook will be Dec. 1st. Usually in strong El Niño years the Northeast tends to be wet but warm. But I do see a polar vortex in the Arctic that may push more troughs into the Northeast allowing more ice/snow events. I do not think it will be like last year but it looks like an active one for sure. -Wx ExpertWinter Outlook 1

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