Weather Recap for This Week, and the Week Ahead!

What a week it has been for weather here in Southern New England! We received a couple of inches of snow, followed by severe storms and damaging winds.

While the South was dealing with an unusual severe weather outbreak for this time of year, Southern New England had some of its own records broken! With the damaging squall line that came through in the middle of the night on Wednesday, the following records were broken:

-The strongest wind gust recorded in Hartford since 1998, at 68 mph (with the exception of Hurricane Sandy)

-First Severe Thunderstorm Watch in February in recorded history for S. New England

-First Severe Thunderstorm Warning in February in recorded history for S. New England (there were 4)

We also had 3 Wind gusts in our area that were at or over 75mph! That’s almost unheard of for this region at this time of year, especially from a severe thunderstorm!


Many schools across the region were even out of school because of number outages! In fact, 60,000 people were without power in Connecticut alone! Connecticut was also put into a limited state of emergency by Dannel Malloy to aid with the power recovery efforts.

This event was definitely one of a kind, having snow and severe thunderstorms within 2 days!

After this week’s events, we look forward to next week for our next chance at heavy rain / snow. A clipper could bring some light rain and snow showers on Monday afternoon, but these will not amount to much as of now. However, the real chances for large-scale storm are around March 2nd and March 5th. These need to be watched closely as both show possibilities for some type of storm to impact the area. Some models show a decent rain storm, some show some moderate snowfall, and some even show nothing at all. I will stay on top of these chances and keep you updated!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the nice weather this weekend!

@CTForecasting, Ethan


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