Tropical Storm Hermine Update – Dangerous Coastal Flooding to ensue

SO! Hermine! Whats going on! Here are the main points you need to know for this nasty lil bugger of a storm. Thankfully, she does not pose much of a problem to us! For areas NYC on south though along the coastlines, especially New Jersey and Maryland/Delaware coastlines…this could be a life threatening inundating next few days as Hermine stalls offshore, gains strength and meanders about piling water and high waves + wind into the coastline. Now, NOT much in the way of rain…so you do not need to worry about that, but the combination of the wind + high tides + storm surge that will last 36-48hrs AT LEAST is never a good combination.

Hermine is currently just off the NC/VA coastline w/ sustained 45-55mph winds and gusts up to 75mph have been reported in coastal locations!

hermine 3

Over the next 3 days we should see her track and develop something like this, with respect to the 10-meter (32ft) wind gusts. There is still some uncertainty to the exact track and loop-di-loops she takes, and we will watch the Upper Level Trough and associated anchor low to see how this evolves as Hermine transitions into a hybrid-type storm (like Hurricane Sandy). Hermine could reach Hurricane status as well, she is already close to it.

What is more important though are the waves attached with this storm – up to 27′ is modeled. Although not at the immediate coast, this will pile up a whole lot of water into the inlets, rivers and marshy areas of the mid atlantic, and the water will not have a lot of time to drain between high tides. If you have family down there or will be travelling…keep an eye on the water.

I want to stress that this storm is a major issue for NJ/MD/DE/VA/NC coastlines. We will NOT have any flooding from the Hudson, and impacts here will be limited given the current forecast.

The storm should move out/dissipate late in the week, until then, watch the water, enjoy the start of school, and BE SAFE!

Forecaster: Remy M.

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