Snowstorm Headed Towards The Northeast

A powerful snowstorm will impact the region this weekend bringing snow from Maryland to Maine. Coastal areas are expected to start as snow before switching to rain, the rough winter for snow lovers continues. 


Snow will push into western Pennsylvania around 7:00 AM Saturday morning and push east, reaching eastern parts of the state by 1:00 PM. Light snow will spread into Southern New England around 4:00 PM and become widespread over the next few hours. Snow will move out of Maine around 10:00 AM Sunday morning.


High pressure in southeast Canada will help usher in cold air. With the help of cold air damming, areas NW of I-95 (in PA and southern New England) will stick with frozen precipitation (snow/sleet/ice) while areas to the SE of 95 will switch to rain. For folks in Maryland, the entire state will flip to rain, no 95 rain/snow line with this snowstorm.

High Pressure in northern New England will provide cold air for the region.


A warm layer aloft will melt precipitation as it descends towards the surface. The 850 MB layer will consist of above freezing temperatures for much of PA. However, as you head closer to the surface, at 925 MB, temperatures in central and eastern parts of the state are back below freezing. This difference in temperatures as precipitation moves towards the surface will cause a period of sleet in the highlighted areas.


Frigid air is expected as the system departs the region. Temperatures will feel like the teens and single digits inland.


Snow Map:

A general C-3″ is expected from Washington DC to locations just south of Boston.  Widespread 3-6″ is expected from Erie to Boston, as these locations are expected to stay all snow for the most part. The jackpot zone is northern New England, where upwards of a foot of snow is possible. 

NortheastWeatherWx Snow Map

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