Snow? Rain? Nothing?

The models are almost complete opposite once again… Ugh, another tough call is on the way. Right now I am leaning towards rain but that could easily change.


bandicam 2015-03-22 17-43-39-311 bandicam 2015-03-22 17-44-02-067bandicam 2015-03-22 17-48-27-555

  • Blizzard North
  • Rain South
  • 3+ inches of accumulation for most impacted by snow
  • “Hurricane” off the coast (VERY WEAK)


bandicam 2015-03-22 18-21-50-922

Ok… GFS has no storm. This is the exact same frame as the CMC. How can the models be so different? This is a storm you must stay tuned for!


bandicam 2015-03-22 18-13-43-087

The blue line indicates the current trough. The “X” is where is storm is the projected location of where the storm will go if the trough does not change. The line drawn in black indicated where the storm could go if the trough changes.

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