Snow Map (UPDATED)

This is one of the trickiest storms I have forecasted this year!  I have put together several visuals of what to expect (I’m sorry they do not look the best).

Snow Map:

After looking at the latest data I have extended my 3-6 range. I do not expect any locating to break 6 inches. Most locations in the 3-6 range will be on the lower end of around 4 inches. The 1-4 inch range is the most difficult. I would expect about 2 inches for most locations. Most accumulation will be on the grass because the March sun angle will prevent snow from sticking.

bandicam 2015-03-19 15-21-06-307


Red= Delays and accidents expected

Yellow= Occasional delays and accidents expected

Green= Few, if any delays/accidents expected from the weather.

bandicam 2015-03-19 15-30-42-807


Heavy wet snowflakes are expected

Areas in the red have the greatest threat of a lot of snow

bandicam 2015-03-19 15-33-20-999

School Forecast:

I do not see a reason for any schools to close, but a few might close to be safe.

The timing of the storm does not supporting a late opening

Many schools will let students out early because the road conditions will be deteriorating

bandicam 2015-03-19 15-39-15-006

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