Snow Friday PM – Saturday AM for S. New England?

Hello everyone! For people in Southern New England, some light snow is on the way! A clipper system moving rapidly through Canada could drop some light snow and rain for the whole region Friday night into Saturday morning. The NAM (pictured below) is showing some moderate snow for all of CT, RI and MA. I do believe it seems overly aggressive on snowfall rates, so I think that the snow will be lighter than what the NAM is showing. The light snow should last until around 3AM Saturday morning. It is at this point that I believe that the snow will start to change over to rain from South to North due to a southerly flow associated with this storm. This means winds will be coming from the south, and temperatures will slowly begin to climb. Totals will definitely not be high, but some parts of CT and Western Massachusetts could see a light accumulation. The RGEM on the other hand is showing 2”+ for much of CT. I do not believe that totals will be THIS high across such a wide area due to the fact the storm should be hitting dry air before it arrives, lowering the amount of snow precipitating.

(NAM from Friday 2pm to Saturday 11 am, click to zoom in.)


My forecast regarding snow totals:


The storm should clear out by noon at latest on Saturday, leaving behind in its wake warmer temperatures! Temperatures throughout are expected to reach the 40o marks, and some places in SE Mass could make it up to 50 by the end of the day Saturday! Temperatures on Sunday should be equally as mild as Saturday’s! Although the sun probably will not be out for most of the weekend, if it does happen to appear on Sunday, highs could even be around 50 for most of the region.

After this week end, our attention turns to the middle of next week. Although much too early to get into specifics, it seems as though a potentially major storm, whether it be rain or snow, is on the way. All models and Ensembles are showing a large storm, however there is still discrepancy on the track. It has potential to be a benchmark storm, or it could also be a repeat of this week’s storm and ride up the Appalachians! This is to be determined. I will do my best to keep you guys updated on any developments regarding this storm!


As always, have a great day!

-Ethan, @CTForecasting

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