Rain This Weekend, Snow Mid Next Week?

Good evening! There has been a lot of talk regarding a potential mid week storm next week. Yes, the potential is there but there is a huge amount of uncertainty. Before we get into all that, lets focus on this weekend.

Saturday looks mainly dry with temps in the lower to mid 40’s. Rain breaks out across the region early Sunday morning and lasts throughout the day. It will feel quite warm for January with temperatures in the mid 50’s. Below is the 18z GFS. It shows moderate to heavy rain all day Sunday. Rainfall totals will be around .5″-1.5″.

image image image image

After this rain event, all eyes turn to Wednesday. We will have a northern piece of energy that digs across the central and eastern US. At the same time there will be a piece of southern energy just out ahead of it. Timing is key with this. We still need to find out how much the  northern piece will dig and when it becomes negative. If it becomes negative too late the storm will form and head out to sea. The speed of the southern piece is also key. As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts with this storm. Everything has to come together perfectly. Below is the 18z GFS. Greenland blocking will play a huge roll in the next couple of weeks!

image image

This pattern will continue in the weeks to come. After Wednesday’s threat, there is another threat for next weekend. This is very far out but this pattern has promising potential. Fun time ahead!



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