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A cold front from the eastern great lakes will clear the region early this morning. Not much in the way of rainfall for many locations through 6-7am this morning. Late morning expect scattered clouds and a wind shift to a stiff northerly to northwest wind 10-20mph with higher gusts.


This cold front however MAY play a major influence on a developing low pressure off the SE coast , as the cold front stalls over the coastal waters of new jersey. At this time the models are in somewhat disagreement with the strength of a trough that will establish over the tennessee river valley. The stronger and deeper this trough may become will have a profound influence on rainfall for the mid-northern atlantic locations , as the ULL will have the ability to drag the coastal low closer to the coast.


It does appear that the trough over the tennessee river valley will not strengthen enough and become a closed ULL in time to pull the low in the atlantic to the coast keeping the majority of rainfall over seas. One thing for sure whether it does interact or not the pressure gradient from high pressure to the north and the low pressure will create rather windy & breezy conditions. Keeping scattered showers especially for the coast in the forecast through the period.

nyc 7 day forecast



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