New Jersey Weekly Weather Discussion

I think you will all like this post, as there is nothing but good things to say about this week. We are starting off with cooler and breezy conditions. This is due to an area of High Pressure building in the area, and an area of Low Pressure to our Northeast.gfs

This is creating a tight pressure gradient over the area, producing windy conditions. However, this will ease as we head into Tuesday and the High Pressure takes over. The below average temperatures will be the main feature this week, however, Wednesday will be the day that we do see 80s. Also some good news about this week: it looks to be mainly dry. HOWEVER, I’m closely watching the end of the week. There will be rain showers in surrounding areas, that could potentially push their way into the Garden State. I will continue to monitor this throughout the week and update the forecast.


Enjoy your week!

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