Jon Rocco’s Forecast Update

We are starting of the week with hot & humid conditions, but there are changes coming up. As we head towards the end of the week, cooler weather will take over. We are also watching the potential for a wet end to the week, as Friday looks to be pretty rainy. As humid as it will be, the heat indices this Monday will not be too much higher than the actual air temperatures. So, here are the conditions state-wide for your Monday if out and about!


Thunderstorms are possible later Monday night.... not expecting anything severe

Thunderstorms are possible later Monday night…. not expecting anything severe

If you’re headed to the beaches, here are the conditions at the Jersey Shore!


Tuesday & Wednesday will be hot days, with Tuesday’s temperatures in the 90s, and a temperature forecast of 89° on Wednesday. I do think areas will get into the low 90s on Wednesday under full sunshine, however, making our heat wave last until then. Cooler air will take over Thursday and through Saturday, with temps in the low 80s, but Friday will have areas getting down to the upper 70s potentially! Then we shall return to the mid 80s on Sunday and upper 80s Monday. Here is a look at my 7-Day Forecast!

7-Day Forecast

7-Day Forecast


I will, of course, have daily updates being tweeted out (@jonathonrocco) for the day and for the week! I’ll probably do a post for the rainy potential on Friday…. this post will probably be done on Tuesday or Wednesday, when we are closer in time. Have a good day and enjoy your week!

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