By Meteorologist Joe Cioffi

Lots of action today with downpours and thunderstorms running around producing flash flooding in some areas. But the weather is about to take a turn for the better. The satellite image below from late Wednesday afternoon  has us on the edge of improvement which often times is the place where you don’t want to be for too long. But with the pattern being progressive which means everything moves along, the clear skies you see in upstate New York and back to the northern Great Lakes is ready to move in behind a developing low just offshore. What was interesting today was seeing an intact circulation overhead which generated much of the activity. But it is all set to move northeastward overnight.

The satellite also shows the separation between the dry air to the north and small area of excessive heat to the south which covers the Gulf States. The trough in the east is far enough south to bring the bulk of that dry air in here which means Thursday and Friday we will see a good deal of sunshine with delightful temperatures and comfortable humidity. The GFS for tomorrow morning shows the low offshore and there should be a nice freshening north wind tonight so open the windows!

Friday looks good as well as the high is right along the coast Friday morning and the next warm front cold front set up is still about a day or so away. Friday we should have lots of sunshine with low humidity continuing. Some high clouds could come into the picture late in the day as the warm front begins to set up for the weekend.

With regards to the weekend sometimes these maps make it look worse than it actually is. The green areas are precip but all the precip could fall in 5 minutes during a given 6 hour period and it would be dry the rest of the time. That is what I think this means for Saturday. There could be the risk of a downpour or thunderstorm but the rest of the time it is a mix of sun and clouds..warmer and more humid. The same I think will hold true for Sunday.

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