Is Winter Over?

Is winter over? According to the GFS …NO. The GFS shows four more possible winter storms!


bandicam 2015-03-21 15-24-41-860

  • 8 days away
  • Snow North of New York City
  • No major accumulation

bandicam 2015-03-21 15-24-46-006

  • 11 days away
  • Quick burst of snow New York City and North
  • Minimal accumulation (if any)

bandicam 2015-03-21 15-24-51-050

  • 13 days away
  • Brief mix turning to rain
  • No accumulation

bandicam 2015-03-21 15-25-00-898

  • 15 days away
  • Snow, Rhode Island and North
  • Accumulation expected

These storms are very far away and I expect many changes to occur. I personally think New York City and South has experienced their last snow storm of the year.

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