Hit or Miss T-storms, Heat and Humidity and Rain.

Hit or miss thunderstorms will continue to impact the area this evening into the night as a cold front passes through. The oppressive humidity that has been making this day so miserably hot will go down sharply tonight into tomorrow through Monday night as Canadian high pressure settles over the area with a good NW flow, meaning very dry air 🙂 Just my cup of tea.



Going through the week we will enjoy the cooler drier air before the oppressive humidity begins to rise on the backside of the subsidence as it moves out, introducing a more SW flow, hence more warmth and moisture associated with the air mass, especially as we get into the warm sector of the warm front. This will be HOT weather, but not HEATWAVE hot..likely high 80’s and a few 90’s popping some places…but the thing to make it bad will be the Dewpoints, which will make it feel MUCH hotter and muggy than anybody here wants 🙁


NOW – What must be watched for the end of the week is a cold front that could stall in the region w/ waves of low pressure riding along – where this front stalls will decide who gets rain and who doesn’t, and who gets some relief. It could be GOOD drought busting rains for some, especially interior NY. Another thing to watch is possible tropical development in the N Gulf. Now, while this will not affect us directly, even if it does not form into anything, it will give up for grabs an immense amount of moisture when it makes its way N, which means possible heavy rains. We have to see how that progresses, but it is definitely something to watch next weekend.


Ok, one last thing before I end this long(ish) post: DROUGHT Update. Long story short, those rains we got last week did not help AS MUCH as I thought they would. Here is the latest drought monitor:


Severe drought expanded across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. You can see where the Moderate drought was busted in N NJ and Orange County/Poughkeepsie area NY. Severe drought expanded across Western NY as well. There is severe drought in E LI too. Hopefully we get some good rains to dent this. One thing for sure – drought never ends with nice rains, it ends in floods. The warm waters off the E Coast may play their role in this when the time comes…we shall see 🙂

Enjoy the night!

Forecaster: Remy Mermelstein

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