Heavy Rains Sunday , weather education – Triple Point


Meteorologist , Steve Garry  (SteveGwx twitter)


Yes it is baseball season and we have quite often seen a triple play, or if you are into horse racing we have the trifecta. However, in weather we have whats called a frontal triple point.

What we normally see on weather surface maps are cold fronts , warm fronts , and occluded fronts. The warm fronts are to the right of the low pressure and it is where the warm sector wraps around the low pressure.

The cold front is typically to the left of the low pressure and it wraps cold air around the low. The cold front usually moves faster than the warm fronts do and therefore the point where the cold front lifts the warm front is called your

occluded front.Now the triple point is the point where the cold,warm, and occluded fronts intersect each other. It is this intersecting point where the lifting or forcing will be enhanced. If enough moisture is wrapping around the warm sector then expect

very heavy rainfall. There is also a threat for strong/severe storms to occur near the triple point and along the fronts as wind shear is also enhanced.Severe weather a threat ahead of the cold front , and along the warm front and near the triple point.

what we have developing is just that for this sat night-sunday for mid atlantic / northeast.



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