Heavy Rain on the way for fathers day !

Meteorologist Steve Garry ,


The weekend especially on sunday looking very wet for the mid/northern atlantic & northeast , looking at the water vapor image we can see the remnants & tropical moisture being drawn up via the 500mb pattern.


What the models are starting to catch on to is the interaction of tropical/polar/marine air masses to provide very heavy rainfall. This is not a convective type or thunderstorm type of environment but a heavy rainfall event.


Notice we have High pressure over maine/northeast on sat , the tropical moisture from bill and the tropical air mass associated  to our southwest and a polar disturbance (trough)  that will eventually swing through and clear everything out.

The end result will be a hefty rainfall of 1-3″ + for isolated locations as the increase in lifting or forcing due to the air mass interactions. ,the wpc has issued there QPF rainfall totals


The NYC 7 day forecast updated is as follows

bandicam 2015-06-17 18-41-12-255






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