Evening , Weekend and 7 Day Forecast

Good evening everyone.

Its thursday afternoon also known as friday eve , and everyone about to kick start the weekend!!


We have a cold front on the move sweeping the region as i type, and this cold front or really dryline front is providing

some very heavy slow moving showers and thunderstorms.

This in due in part of a lack of wind shear and jet streaks aloft resulting in very slow moving showers/tstorms.

Now i emphasize dry line front here because temps on friday and through the weekend will still be near 90.

So what gives? , the trough axis for the next several days will be centered over the great lakes region.

This will result in our region being on the southeast side , keeping the sw flow of air and hence the very warm temps.

however , what will be most noticeable is the sharp drop in dew points!!!! , so 90 degrees will feel more like the upper 80s and 90 instead of near 100.

Here is the latest NAM HI_RES for tomorrow dew points , all of us will notice by tomorrow morning a big change


The humidity for the most part through the weekend will be kept at bay , certainly not what we experienced the past several days this week.

As far as weather conditions , very warm near 90 nyc , philly upper 80s-low 90s , there will be some short wave energies sweeping through mainly for northern new england with isolated showers a threat.


Heading to the beach this weekend  , it will be absolutely fantastic


Your New York 7 Day Forecast


Meteorologist Steve Garry


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