Cooler Temperatures, Much Need Rain Headed Our Way!

Let us recall that we are in a drought. It is very obvious looking at a few brown lawns here and there. Mostly for those who do not have the advantage of a sprinkler system to keep most of the grass green. Well, fear not! Much needed rain is coming our way! Now, it probably will not completely bust us out of this drought, but it will help!

The timing of the rain looks to be from early Thursday, lasting through the first part of Friday in some areas. Now, some heavy rain is possible, especially towards coastal states and parts of southern New England. Let’s go over the GFS model. First, we’ll start with its timing.

GFS at 00z Thursday

GFS at 06z Thursday

GFS at 12z Thursday

GFS at 18z Thursday

GFS at 00z Friday

GFS at 06z Friday

GFS at 12z Friday

You can see that the GFS has the rain pulling out by 12z Friday. Now I should stress that some areas may see a little more consistent rain, while others will experience on and off rain, some of it being heavy. There COULD also be some embedded thunderstorms. However, just expect a general few rumbles of thunder if that happens, and nothing severe. Overall, this is how I think the rain sets up in the Northeast:

My thinking on the rain storm setup for the end of the week

Okay, now let’s talk about some cooler temperatures…..


Right now, we are seeing hot temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s, or around 90°. This will continue through Wednesday. Thursday, I think we get down towards the mid 80s, and then the rain’s effect on temperatures kicks in mostly for Friday.  There’s going to be a big ridge in the west, leading to hotter weather. When you get a ridge in the west, you are likely to get a trough in the east, and that is likely to happen! There should be a dip in the jet stream setting up in the Upper Plains, Midwest, and the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. This is how I think it sets up:

Temperature setup for Friday

The blue is where the cooler temperatures are, and the south and the west (orange) is where the warmer temperatures will be. (I accidently forgot to put the writing on the graphic when I saved it. My apologies!)

So expect cooler weather and much needed rain for the end of the week. An updated 7-Day Forecast will be posted later tonight! I will continue to keep you updated throughout the week on the expected rain.

Enjoy your week everyone!

— Jonathon Rocco

Twitter: @jonathonrocco

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