Cold Weather to Ease as Storm Rolls In

As the arctic outbreak that is currently invading the area, keeping everyone hiding in their houses, eases on Monday, a storm will be entering in. This storm, however looks to be warmer. As the arctic high pressure departs out to sea, it will keep the storm track right up along the coastal states, but instead of offshore, it takes a more inland track. It should track right over the coastal states and over the NYC area, pumping in warmer air from the south. The precipitation starts off as snow on Monday, before mixing with and changing to rain Monday evening and Monday night. Some areas in NW NJ and in parts of Pennsylvania could have some icy conditions on Tuesday morning, while others will have slushy and sloppy conditions due to the warm air and rain melting the snow that fell on Monday. The further south you go, the faster the changeover will occur. The further Northwest you are, the longer it will take for the changeover to occur, and you also have the potential for and icy event.

This is my updated snowfall map as of Sunday morning. This will be updated and adjusted accordingly leading up to the event.

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Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

–Jon Rocco

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