A White Christmas Or Wet Christmas?

This is the question that EVERYONE has been asking and, unfortunately, many people including me, will not be happy with the answer. Last Christmas, if you remember, it was warm and dry. This Christmas, it will be both warm, and unfortunately, a little wet. We’ll see rain on Tuesday and late Wednesday around New Jersey, with temperatures reaching for the 60s. Christmas Eve (Thursday), will feature temperatures in the 60s and even the low 70s in Southern NJ, with a few AM showers possible, but then we are left with just cloudy skies through the rest of the day. Christmas Day (Friday) looks MUCH better with Sunny skies, however, temperatures will still be warm in the 60s. The weather will be getting back down to the 50s on the weekend, and possibly some 40s to start next week. Also, a pattern change will be coming in January!! Stay tuned for a blog post on this, most likely will be posted sometime Tuesday.

7-Day forecast (12/21 to 12/28)

7-Day forecast (12/21 to 12/28)


—Jon Rocco

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